Animal Care in Lake Forest

Animal Care in Lake Forest

First in a multi-part series

Animal Care in Lake Forest

Most people are unaware that animal services in Lake Forest is provided by the County. With such nice local animal shelters in Mission Viejo and Irvine, many people believe that these shelters serve our city, but in fact we are served by the County and “our” shelter is the County shelter in the city of Orange.

Two weeks ago the Grand Jury issued yet another scathing report on the shocking conditions at the Orange County animal shelter. Click here to view the report and here to view coverage in the OC Register and the Los Angeles Times

Familiarize yourself with this report. Tomorrow we start an indepth series about the County shelter and we will ultimately discuss options for Lake Forest.

The photo was taken at the OC Animal Shelter and is published with the permission of Rose Tingle.

Bear in mind that animal services is not for the animals. It is for the people who have animals as pets, and for the people who want protection against animals that present a danger or a nuisance.


Dr. Jim Gardner is on the City Council for Lake Forest. You can check him out onLinkedIn and/or Facebook and you can share your thoughts about the City at Lake Forest Town Square on Facebook. His comments are not meant to reflect official City Policy.

Dr. Gardner has office hours every Tuesday from 3 pm to 5 pm at the City Hall. In addition, he holds a mini town meeting quarter. The next meeting will be on August 15 at 2 pm at the El Toro Public Library.

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